Hotting Up

by Iration


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Hotting Up is the next step in the progression of our sound. It's the most complete album we've ever made. The songs, performances, production and end result have never been better. It's a beat-driven uptempo record, but still contains the signature drum & bass, rocking guitars and catchy melodies/harmonies that distinguish our sound. Pop it in, turn it up and enjoy!

- Micah

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released August 28, 2015

Micah Pueschel - Guitar/ Lead Vocals
Adam Taylor - Bass
Cayson Peterson - Keys
Joe Dickens - Drums
Micah Brown - Guitar/ Vocals
Joseph King - Live Sound Engineer / Percussion

Jeffrey Vargas - Ukulele on “Lost and Found”
Spencer Ludwig - Trumpet on “Stay Awake”
David Manzoor - Additional Instrumentation

Produced by David Manzoor
Engineered by Will Brierre
Mixed by Mark Needham
Mastered by Stephen Marcussen
A&R / Management - Michael H. Burnett
Legal - Jeff Leven

Cover Art - Candace Lee
Inside Cover Photo - Catlin Peterson
Album Art Design - Alex Zurowski
Marketing/Digital - SocialSoundSystem


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Track Name: Reelin
Needle on my compass is spinning
Imagination is winning
Can't get my head right
I get the feeling that I can't get back
Night driving, no headlights
you've got your reasons
And I know you've got your seasons
But i keep getting lost with you
But something in the way ya turned your back makes me wanna try to push through

Ooh ya got me feelin right
And I know that you're staring out your window at night.
I'm staring back at you
Too many times I've walked away without telling you
But now I'm telling you

You've got me reeling
High can touch the ceiling
I'm losing my mind and I don't even know the reason
Another way to say that I can't waste another day of my life without hearing your name
Cuz I'm lost up in the light
Sleepless nights
Waiting for the day when i can catch that flight
Another way to say that I can't waste another day of my life without hearing your name

Skip back to the day I’m tryin’ not to lose my way
Details are kind of fuzzy but the feeling still remains
we met we talked I stared too long you walked
now discombobulated and I don't know what to say
Ooh baby baby you take me on a ride and I know that I'd be lonely here without my foolish pride
and I'm waiting waiting running circles in my mind just to get another chance to tell you
Track Name: Stay Awake
I'm sorry that I hurt you with those things I had to say
Never meant to bring you heartache and sorrow
Sorry that the sunshine never came today
Weatherman forecasts blue skies tomorrow

So let's stay awake
And watch the sunrise
Let's take it slow
'Cause baby time flies

Well I might not be exactly what you had in mind
But I got you believin
No I might not be the perfect guy you hoped to find
But I know that you feel it

(Post-chorus after 2nd hook)
No I don't have exactly what you want, but I got just what you need
So say you love me

you think it's a role I have to play
a personality that I borrow
But if you and I can last another day
There might just be a path we can follow
Track Name: Lost and Found
Sometimes I think about...
Life was so simple back then
We'd run around no shoes
Just some cane field blues
No thought to what was round the bend
Sheets filled with sand
And secrets in the banyan
Sometimes I wonder if it's all a dream
Another green flash playing tricks on me
But i know that deep inside it’s still alive
Let me take you back and you'll see

Remember getting lost and found
Your whole world inside a one-road town
Set your mind at ease to the tropical breeze
And Uncle playing slack key
We used to spend all day at the beach
Shorebreak, fishing and sunburnt cheeks
Take me back take me back take me back
Take me back to you

You know that I
Try not to live in the past
But when my mind starts to run then it sure runs fast
Clear skies and that green green grass
In the valley of the kings
On that old rope swing
And if you climb up in the tallest tree
Get a quick glimpse of what the day might be
Then you'll know that deep inside
I'm still alive
So whenever you're lost at sea
Track Name: Midnight
You want it you got it
Make your mind up let's get things clear
Your living life close to the edge
staying high like a chandelier
Patience not a strong suit
Never wanna cramp your style
But if you know what's good
Then it's understood when it's time I'll be hitting that dial so

Wait til midnight
For me maybe tease maybe please baby hold the phone tight
Don't try to do it yourself
Wait til midnight
Holding cold alone under the golden moonlight
Don't start ringing the bell

Lost in the moment
Pop another bottle of wine
11 o'clock hand spinning
And i can't wait to see what I find
Just thinking about you
Alone got me ready to run
Just keep those little hands busy baby and we'll be up til we're seeing the sun and
Track Name: Hotting Up
Before we met was a chill cold breeze that would spill
asking what have you done for me lately?
I spent my days and nights alone
calling the bar my home
staggering down State Street
but then a glimpse of a light
burning and burning bright
An ember in your stare please baby I know this is right
put your hands in my pocket my picture in your locket
situation's hotting up nobody gonna stop it

I'm hotting up
Ooh baby I'm hotting up
Summertime weather is better but not enough
I'm hotting up
Baby I'm hotting up
Wanna catch a fever
Wanna be a believer
Hotting up

As nights get colder i'm told that I should be bold
And take up a level
But every path that leads back to getting what i want
Is a deal with the devil
It's just a spark in the night burning and burning bright
If we can keep this friction hitting I know we'll ignite
Tossed in the fire, fueled by desire
Messages hotting up burning through the wire
Track Name: Nothing At All
I know you
You know me
Better than we wanna believe
I wanna hear you say something
'Something' better be please
I've been down on my knees
Trying to find out what to believe
I've always had a problem
A problem with seeing what's real
But you're giving me nothing
And there's nothing I can't steal
We might live in a song
But I know we can never be wrong

Cuz all I have
Is all I can grab

Don't you know I
Only ever feel better having it all
Knowing that your love never comes around helps nothing at all
Made up memories can be strong
Now I know the most you and I can be is nothing at all

Right on cue
You had me
Thinking that inevitably
I'd be the one left guessing
Guess I'll always be
Lost in reality
Life is what I want it to be
You keep saying I'm crazy
Maybe I'm a little undone
Vision's getting hazy
Been staring at the sun and
I'm just trying to find
My silly little misplaced mind
Track Name: 867
It's been 8 weeks 6 days 7 hours
Since you took my life away
Standing underneath a street light
Hoping you don't notice me
Making sure that he doesn't stay
And I just can't believe it's real
Can't believe you couldn't feel
Just know that I won't let another man steal what's mine
Just need a little time
And I know there can't be much more to say

Cuz all you do is talk talk talk
Why won't he just take a walk walk walk?
Can't take what's mine mine mine
I'm just looking for a sign I just need a little time

867 watching the clock tick
You say you're moving on but the words don't stick
You need a man to give you what you need
867 reasons that's me

8 weeks 6 days 7 hrs
Since you made the great mistake
You said we were moving too fast but i know the truth's that what you feel is more than your heart can take
And I know you're just playing games
But inside you feel the same
Now lie and tell him that you're glad that he came
Cuz your mine I just need a little time
And i know that there can't be much more to say
Track Name: Guns Out
I'm under attack
Called you right back
I get the feeling that you won't calm down
You've got a trigger finger that you like to squeeze
Coincides with your quick draw mouth
I don't know the basics
I don't know if I can make it

Baby you've got your guns out
Firing your words until it runs out
You're crazy
Put your guns down
I know
You know
oh no look what you've done now

You can't take it back
I'm fading to black
Wonder if you've ever heard of 'live and let live'
Cuz every bullet that you put into the air darlin
Is every promise to you I can't give
And although I'm persuasive
Tomorrow is wasted

When you overreact there's nothing holding you back
From knowing friend or enemy
Just a shot in the dark never missing your mark
Handing out the death penalty
And you do what you do
Never considering what I go through
And I'm holding on to every last breath I get
And I don't know if I'll pull through
Track Name: You Know You Don't Mind
The 'X' on your calendar
Is the day when your skies turn black
Hit the road weary traveler
Dedicated to the wheels never going off track
You say you want me need me never leave me
'Baby won't you please unpack!'
But the words that you say are the words that just may be the words that you can't take back

We're moving at an inevitable disaster
I can't stop it moving forward faster
I'm asking
Can you hold the wheel for a second now dear?
I just wanna make things clear
One cup of coffee and I'm on my way home
No brakes in the danger zone
And you know you don't mind
You know you don't mind no

Don't call me an amateur
Even though I never get it right
As we approach imminent damage
We both still sleep right through the night
You say you're done you leaving you've got your reasons
And you don't want to start a fight
But the words that you say are the words that just may be the words that can make it alright