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by Iration

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VERSE 1 Saw you standing on the corner Flashing that plastic smile Living out in California Drove a couple thousand miles Bet you never left a goodbye note Didn’t know what to say Bet you thought you had it all figured out Somehow you lost your way CHORUS Come back in from the cold You’re playing the game but you’re losing your soul You’re moving too fast now you’re out control You don’t need the glitter you’re already gol Come back in from the cold You’re living “the life” but you’re playing a role Ooooooowhoa don’t act like nobody told ya! You’re already gold VERSE 2 You’re trying to get your head right Never been so hard for you Cuz you’re all up in the headlines For every little thing you do You’ve probably burned a bridge or two Chasing down those dreams You’ll probably find out the hard way It’s not all what it seems
VERSE 1 Round and round we go still searching for a better way Time and place are all but lost forgotten on the way Running running running down trying to escape the maze Life is simplified when you're just a castaway VERSE 2 Take me to the water and let me find the light Give me what I need to make all the wrongs right Floating floating floating up til I'm out of sight Life is just a breeze and I, I am just a kite PRE-CHORUS Keep searching until you find it Even if it takes all night Can't stop it and rewind it You feel it and you know CHORUS And then you press play This meditation is the best way Just let the rhythm take your stress away We keep it going to the next day Just press play
VERSE 1 It's gone far enough I thought that I was tough But I still feel tied down I know you lied to me Call you on the phone and you let it ring If things ain't adding up Things ain't adding up CHORUS You got me twisted up, twisted up Don't know what to do now Twisted up, twisted up Never been so twisted up twisted up Don't know what is true now Twisted up Inside VERSE 2 I'm not going this road How did you get so cold? Can't you see I'm hurting? You took my heart and you tore it out Played me like fool when I'm out of luck If things weren't bad enough If things weren't bad enough
VERSE 1 Said you wanna try something new Tired of the same thing Said you wanna find someone who Gets your heart racing We're headed for the sunset of our love and we can't turn back If only I had let it go before I got caught up in the trap CHORUS Broken promises Get between me and you And when your heart breaks Know that I feel it too VERSE 2 - Slightly Stoopid She said she’d never leave you sad and that she’d never leave you blue But the things that she’s been doin got ya thinkin that ur through First she says she wants to leave but then come runnin back to you Baby cryin all the time and make ya feelin like a fool Try to lock up your heart and stealing your soul Wanna get in your mind and she not lettin go How it used to be fine now is takin its toll Take you out like the trash Leave you all in Sorrow She said you are one of a kind but you were three in a row Everybody’s droppin dimes they tryin all to let you know If ur thinkin ur on track but gotta long way to go If she rippin up ur heart she gon be reepin what she sow BRIDGE Too many promises ya can’t keep Too many lies that you can’t take back It’s too late for apologies I thought we were on the right track
VERSE 1 Talking we’ve been talking And if you only knew This daydream I’ve been lost in Lost in loving you There’s no limit in my mind Cuz what you say I’ll do Just because it’s reality, doesn’t mean it’s true PRE-CHORUS Baby baby I’m not scared Running ‘round up in my mind You know I’m prepared Thought of it a million times but CHORUS I don’t know your name VERSE 2 Thinking I've been thinking Of places we could go You me and the weekend So let's not take it slow I'm not trying to waste your time And I'm no Romeo but You need to know that I want you And I'm trying to let you know BRIDGE Action reaction we're just molecules Mixing in brilliant ways If that is true then I'm sticking with you Pardon me as I'm drifting away There's no hurry Please don't worry These days that ain't cool I keep waiting Just keep waiting Just keep telling myself to tell you
VERSE 1 What's going on here? I thought it was strong Clearly I was not in the know Mind always running around I knew my downfall When I received that phone call And I just can't let it go Can't let it go PRE-CHORUS Move to the beat to the beat don't stop I don't wanna play bad cop Don't wanna see the signs I don't wanna read between the lines Move to the beat to the beat don't stop I can't take that shot You said you said you said CHORUS I’d always be the last to know VERSE 2 I'm finished at the start now You said 'play your part' How am I supposed to play the role When I'm always playing the fool Return to sender Colder than December But I just can't let it show Can't let it show BRIDGE I don’t want to be the last to know
VERSE 1 I lie awake sometimes and stare at the dark Something inside me wants to tear me apart I see it every night and every day It’s all that I can do to keep it away CHORUS Cuz I can’t go on I can barely breathe Trying to deny It’s a part of me Like it or not Like it or not Like it or not VERSE 2 Went to a doctor just to see what to do He said “Too late my boy you’re all but consumed” “Feel free to come back when you’ve come to your grips” Sometimes it’s stable but sometimes it slips
Energy 04:55 video
VERSE 1 When times get tough In a world gone cold Feels like we're all alone Life is just a roller coaster Can't feel my hands Got no plans And I just can't wait until it's over PRE-CHORUS When I've had enough When I've had enough CHORUS That's when I feel your sun Shining down on me And it's early days yet As long I am free I feel your sun That's where I wanna be Soakin up your light And your energy Right next to me Means the world to me Your energy VERSE 2 Life can take you low make you wanna just run & hide Darkness can numb the hurt and the pain that you feel inside Lights gone out Fueled by doubt And your holding on but barely alive
Hit List 03:23 video
VERSE 1 Some say you're just a tale Make your blood run cold Get a letter in the mail name in bold It's just business not personal I can't figure out just what you're doing that for Thrill of the chase? Just for the taste? A game you wanna play? Just another day Just another dawn Just another "say so long" CHORUS Just another name on your hit list Your hit list A name on your hit list Why? A name on your hit list Why? You’ve got it in the back of your mind That you wanna put another cold red line Through another name on your hit list Your hit list A name on your hit list Why? VERSE 2 Swift as a soaring arrow Clear head, you take your aim Breath held, you draw back your bow Just put another face to a name No shame, no sense in pretending If not you somebody will No blame for the life that’s ending On to the next one, drawn to the kill Blood on your hands and I see you comin after me There ain’t no way that I’ll be Cast in your catastrophe I’ll never be another pawn in your game No no. I’ll never be just another name
INTRO/CHORUS You've got me breaking the borderlines But I just can't stand being confined And I can't stop thinking Why? VERSE 1 Locked up and I don't know why Captive and I'm hardly me I bet you've never seen a world like this A new reality Just give me a piece of your mind I heard the dreams last Just need a little time VERSE 2 You don't wanna see our kind round here Miracle that we made it this far It's a shame that you have us walking the path we tried so hard not to remember Just give me some peace of mind Can't let the dream pass Can't stop me crossing the line BRIDGE I just can't wait til I get out of here No one like me still hanging around here whoa Can't wait to get out of here No I can't wait, no I can't wait no
VERSE 1 Relax I know you've never been this high before The stars, the moons and the constellations Let's leave this world and take a trip Don't let anybody say you're wrong for taking a lift CHORUS Come fly with me We can't look back, let's all just drift away Come fly with me Safe from the storm, the galaxy's where we'll stay VERSE 2 We're on that coaster now Oh it's such a feeling Letting go somehow Simultaneous being We're light miles from where we used to be Feeling supernatural Light from the quasars leads us to our next destination Eyes closed as we drift off in meditation We're way out past intergalactic I don't think we're coming back Fly with me, fly.
VERSE 1 You know that whatchu said Could mean a lot of things You did it anyway Just to get a reaction I’ve been around the block Enough to know That you did it all Just to be a distraction And even though that time goes on And you found someone new I never thought you were acting On the come around You'll be another one on your own No one'll be laughing CHORUS And I don't care And I feel fine And I have memories that you left behind And I get low And I get high Trying to stay clear of the changing tide No turning my back to you No turning my back to you VERSE 2 Well you’ve been telling tales And I can overhear That I don't fare well Now that you're up in a mansion Been on the wrong side Of your bitterness Too many times before This time I don't see it passing BRIDGE So come on in Waters are warm Paddling out In the eye of the storm So come right in Waters are warm No coming back When you're chasing the storm VERSE 3 I hope that someday You can make a change But that's probably Too much to be asking On the come around You'll be another one on your own No one'll be laughing
VERSE 1 Darlin, darlin My how the time flew We were so poor and lost back then But we made it through I got the groceries and you paid the electric Just enough to make due Things were never easy but we were strong together Cuz one and one made 2 CHORUS So I’ll drive all night til the wheels fall off Just to get to you I’ll keep you warm when it’s cold outside Won’t have to ask me to I’ll pull you close when it’s hectic and you’re feeling disconnected I’ll be there for you Give every beat til my heart runs out Cuz they’re all for you All for you All for you VERSE 2 Darlin, darlin All that you gave to me Knew right away I was falling And you were so carefree We wrote our names and we put them in a bottle Sent it out to sea At the end of the night we went in different directions But it was destiny


"We’ve always been a band with very eclectic influences. We’ve never shied away from exploring different styles or sounds. We’ve always said that we don’t care what “genre” a song fits into, we just care that we serve the song and let IT dictate where we go. This album was 2 years in the making and is what we consider the definitive sound of Iration. You’ll hear all of our influences being channeled and it might take you a few listens before you hear them all. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy the ride." - Micah Pueschel


released May 18, 2018


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